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(Solved) - New Rig / NEW and Old HD's

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  • Started 7 years ago by USMCSNIPERgEEk
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so my computer parts are on there way via ups. expecting them anytime now. heres my issue. i have a 750 gig SATA HD coming in my parts to my new rig. i have a WD 160 gig IDE with windows and all my brothers data which he wants off it. and i have another 80 gig IDE HD that i think just has data on it that needs to come off it. his rig doesnt work anymore so i was gonna throw it in mine to get the data off.

my question is, can i set up the SATA drive, and the two IDE drives as Primary and Secondary or am i gonna have to boot up in SAFE MODE with the 160gig IDE and get the data off with an external.

and after all this is said and done with, is it possible to boot off the 750gig SATA drive and use the 160 and 80 as storage?

thanks for the advice in advance.

Posted 7 years ago
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hey, i dont see why it would be a problem, set your SATA as primary and the IDE drives as Slave.
many people still use IDE with SATA, no biggie.
first of all id install the OS on the SATA drive (without the 2 x UDE drives connected to the motherboard), then see if everything is working perfectly, if all is good, switch off, install the IDE drives, power on, go into BIOS change the settings if need be, then boot up.
extract the DATA from the IDE drives. even if the documents are still stored in windows on the 160GB IDE you can still access it and copy across any DATA.

Posted 7 years ago
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Not a problem. Set the BIOS to only boot off of the SATA drive, leave the IDE's off the boot order. Once up, install the OS to the C: SATA drive. If unsure, leave the IDE's off the system. Slightly older systems that had SATA disk drives used IDE for the CD/DVD devices, it was never a problem as long as you have the connectors and controllers for all of them.

Once installed on the SATA, then put on the IDE's configured properly, Master/Slave, and you should see them 'somewhere' depending if you have IDE CD/DVD devices.

Irv S.

Accepted Answer · Posted 7 years ago
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well my motherboard has 6 SATA ports and only 1 IDE port but i have a cable with to slots on it so ill just hook them up as master and slave, get my contents off of them then reformat the 160gig and the 80gig.

thanks guys!

Posted 7 years ago

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