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New Computer Build- Need Suggestions

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  • Started 8 years ago by Hawk22
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I am looking to build a new computer in the next couple weeks. I am hoping to get everything from Newegg, and get a good deal on the parts. I want a computer designed for gaming, but also capable of running memory hungry programs (Photoshop, etc). My price point is about 1,500. I'd like to keep it as cheap as I can, but not going below tier 2 parts.

I've decided on a processor already: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor.
--I heard Dual Core's are better for gaming, and should also handle multiple programs without too much delay... Please share opinions about what processor is best, if you ave a better idea I'm open to hear it.

I've sorta figured the next step is to figure out the motherboard, and then see which RAM fit well with that motherboard. But I'm lost! Motherboards are the most confusing aspect of all of this! Do I need more PCI slots? I know I will need one specific PCI for my video card, which I am thinking should be a GTX 200 series Nvidia. This card is priced down to 365, and seems really fast:

I don't want to skimp on a tower, since I hear a better tower will dampen the sound of the fans. Does anyone have a good suggestion for which tower I should look for? I know this links to the size of the motherboard, and I need help on that decision as well.

I think I am gonna initially go with Windows XP, and with 4 Gigs. I am thinking I could upgrade to Windows 7, or Vista 64b, and upgrade to 8 gigs if I wanted. Is this a sound decision? How about WIndows XP 64 bit?
Would this run all the programs I use without problems?

I'm also thinking about getting a mammoth LCD monitor. I am gonna go with at least 22 inch, if not possibly 24 or 28 inch. Is this too big? A bigger monitor could break my budget... Should I save the money, and just go with a Hanns G 22"?

I've made a really simple estimate of price, even though I haven't decided on most of these parts. Just to give an idea of the range.

Tower= 175
Motherboard= 200
Processor= 188
Video Card= 365
RAM= 125
Power Supply= 130
Monitor= 160

TOTAL= 1,483
(This doesn't include shipping, or any special offer from Newegg. Also, I am hoping to have some money left to buy a gaming mouse, and maybe a headset.)

I'm hoping to use you guys as a solid source of help for deciding on these parts, since I've seen good luck with other builds on this website. So thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!!


Posted 8 years ago
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I realized I forgot Harddrives and DVD drives. I am thinking of a seagate or Western Digital 1 Terabit harddrive, and one external 1 terabit harddrive.

These both should be 120. For the DVD Drives, I'm hoping to spend 50-75 dollars to get one DVD DL Burner, and one DVD reader only.


Posted 8 years ago

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