Good morning gentlefriends!

I just finished building my new computer (thanks again for the help/input on it) and can't get it to start up properly.

The build consists of
Mobo: ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe (with 4 Gig of RAM)
CPU:ATHLON64 X2 6000+
Graphics: ASUS EAH4670
and the HD is a 500 Gig Western Digital that I pulled out of this machine that I am currently using. (Win XP Pro 32 bit is installed on it)

When I fire it up, it goes through the POST and for a split second I can see a message on my screen that it cannot detect my hard drive (Even though I can see it listed when I go into BIOS) then after a moment it tells me that it couldn't boot properly and it gives me the options of booting up Windows in safe mode or trying to start Windows normally. If I opt for "Booting normally" the only thing that happens is that my computer reboots and I go through all this again. If I opt for safe mode a list of programs it is trying to load flies by on my screen and eventually just stops and sits there (without loading windows) and I need to reset the machine and try again.

I know that the HD works, and the Windows installed on it is good (If it wasn't I wouldn't be online right now). I've flipped though the manual for the mobo, and it is suggesting that I should be using a 64bit version of WinXP... Do you guys think that is all I'd need in order to make it work? Can you think of anything else I could try before I spend the money on a new OS?

Sorry if I don't have all the details here (or if I'm not making much sense)... this happened last night and I needed to put this machine back together so I could get online this morning (and well, my coffe hasn't fully kicked in yet ;) ).

Thanks in advance!

Posted 8 years ago