I manage a small domain server with ten workstations connected. It's a Windows 2003 Server and all 9 workstations except 2 are running Windows 7 Pro. The other two are using XP Pro. All ten workstations used to list the server and the other 9 workstations under "Network" until about three weeks ago. Now only the server and one XP Pro workstation lists all members of the domain network. The others all show a partial listing of 2-5 workstations. I did not make any changes to the server or the network. All relevant services/processes seem OK on the server and are starting and running properly. I've done a lot of research in the last couple of weeks but a resolution has not been found. Can anyone help? I would greatly appreciate it as I am losing a lot of sleep over this one!

The only thing that changed was the Cisco 800 series modem/router that our ISP installed about 3 weeks ago. Can this installation mess up my network? I would think not because it feeds into a 24 port switching hub going to the LAN side.



Posted 4 years ago