I am new to this Forum, so forgive me if I am asking something that has been dealt with before.
I would like to prioritise the PCs that access my small home network using a "Fritz" box router supplied by "Direct Telecom" here in Tenerife.
Doing a search I see that something called QoS is mentioned, but what exactly is it (a piece of software that you can buy?).
Would I be able to acquire/use it, or is there another way of assigning priorities to the devices I allow to use my Fritz box, as I expect a neighbour
to whom I allow access (he has no phone line in his apartment) may be abusing it by doing a lot of downloading and gaming.
There are two Laptops at my home (mine & my wife's) + 2 wireless printers, and in addition 2 Pcs accessing the system wirelessly (neighbour + son).
I don't want to suspend the remote acces, just assign it a lower prioity than our home equipment.
PS. Currently using Windows 7 Professional on both home PCs, and because of where we live only have a 3MB Broadband connection.

Posted 4 years ago