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Network Bridge?

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  • Started 9 years ago by zouleous
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I have two routers. One is a wireless router/cable modem and the other is a regular linksys router. Most of my systems are connected to the Linksys. I'm trying to figure out how to maybe bridge the two networks so I could share files between systems connected to the wireless and non-wireless router.

All systems are on the MSHOME workgroup, but my laptop is on the 192.168.0 network (wireless router). My other systems are on the 192.168.1 network (wired router). Because of this they don't see each other when I view workgroup computers. Is it possible to share files between the two networks? I'm guessing it is if I could somehow create a network bridge between the two routers.

Posted 9 years ago
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In the "Network Connections" right click one and "Bridge". This may help.


Posted 9 years ago
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That option is only available if you have two network adapters installed on a client. Then you could bridge the two networks for that client. So basically this isn't an option for me right now.

On the other hand I do actually have two network adapters on the system I'm typing this from. If I were to hook up this system to both routers maybe it could be the bridge between the two local networks. So that might be a possibility. This would be more of a hardware work around.

On the software/routing side...What about subnet masking? I'm not real knowledgeable with how subnetting works. Would it be possible to just increase the range by making the subnet If so how would I go about that? Do I have to change it for all the clients and the routers as well? If I have to change it for the routers that may be a problem because the wireless router configuration page doesn't allow me to specify it's local settings. When I look at the gateway status page it shows me the following:


Gateway IP Address:

Subnet Mask: 255.255.255. 0

DHCP Server: Enabled

NAT : Enabled

Wireless Status : Enabled

Operating Mode: NAT mode

Private IP Range: through
Public IP Range:

System Up-Time: 9 days 0 Hours 43 Minutes 44 Seconds

As the name of the page suggests, it's just a status page. You can't edit the fields. So I wouldn't be able to change it's subnet mask if that's required to accomplish this.

Any N+ certified guys that can help out there?

Posted 9 years ago
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have u thought of trying to uplink one to the other (in other words connect the linksys to the cable modem router) try that see if that helps ;)

Posted 9 years ago
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Have you considered using a switch instead of a wired router? If you plug the switch into a free port on the wireless router then put your wired network on the switch, all the IP addresses will in the same domain.

Posted 9 years ago

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