My first post. Hope this is the right place; not sure that the OS has anything to do with the problem but I'm always open to learn.

Model NB305-N410BN Win 7 "starter"

Two months ago the the screen had some degree of light coming out of it after pressing the on button. The colored lights on the leading edge that have icons: a plug, a battery, a hard drive, wireless antenna, and a few others that I just don't know, were mostly blinking and the hard drive was making the sounds I am accustomed to hearing when the computer is booting. But the screen is a lighter shade of black and i can see a source like light coming from the edges of the screen. Can't tell you what I did besides force shut it off, let it sit for a while and try again to reboot with mostly the same results. It went that was for days. Then one day it booted. But the screen was sick mostly looking like the video card was not working well. It made the normal screen mostly redish; clear but flickering. It was like that for a couple of months and now it went back to the semi-black screen.

It looks as though this netbook has some form of shared memory. Does that mean it's isn't worth fixing? I can pull the hard drive and throwaway the rest of what I would rather do is Frankenstein It.

Any thoughts or feedback about this monster?

Posted 4 years ago