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(Solved) - Need to access Win 7 System Restore thru "back door"

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  • Started 4 years ago by QSHOTSdotcom
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Long story short (to begin with), I need to access System Restore (Win 7) to hopefully reverse an accidental setting change that was made, but have absolutely no way of doing so, be it in safe mode, or any other mode--HELP!!
The scenario: I had created an EXE file, and wasn't sure which program to open it with when the "Open with:" window came up. At first, I thought maybe Internet Explorer, and did hilight it, but decided against it, and had the mouse poised over "Cancel" and was just about to click, when...
The "accident": that exact second, my cat decides to come flying up onto my lap outa nowhere, and...
The disaterous result: hand jerked, and "Ok" got clicked instead of Cancel--but the situation is about as far from ok as it can get...OMG!! Thanx to the cat (poor dumb animal--lol), Internet Explorer is now set as the default program for opening any and all EXE's...that's any and ALL...which of course simply doesn't work. Do you realize the far-reaching implications that suddenly presents?
Basically, everything has come to a screeching halt, and I've just been staring (and cussing) at my screen for the past 4 days trying to figure a way outa this mess. I'm all but sure System Restore would indeed get things back on track, but you guessed it, it's a .exe file, as is regedit, command prompt, and any other thing that could possibly help. For the hell of it, I did try the safe mode way, but knew ahead of time it wouldn't work, and it didn't.
The bottom line, as I'm sure you know, is that any program of any kind is just that, a program, and thus an .exe file, and thus, on the vicious merry-go-round from hell we go--AAHHH!!!
(ahem) Sorry, but I'm about to pull my hair out here. I'm a nature photographer, work with a lot of photo/video editing programs and the like, and am right in the middle (of course) of reformatting my site, but of course, my FTP client is also an .exe, and on and on and on...(grimaces at cat)
I need some kinda back way in...some kind of override program, for lack of a better word...or SOMEthing (time machine?-ha). IE is about the only program I can actually open, so I'm at least able to get online and SHOUT for some kind of help, but just ain't makin any progress. Windows Explorer also opens, which is kinda wierd when ya think about it, so I'm also able to move around inside my folders and such, but a lotta good it's doing me when I can't actually do anything with any of it. I say again, HEEELP!!
To restore/reverse things back to the way they were before four-paws made his move is the only way I see to deal with this, but...but...
ANY help or input at all that you or anybody could give in regards to this fiasco would needless to say be GREATLY appreciated. (strokes purring cat...poor dumb animal...i do love him so :)
Thanx in advance...
p.s. - My comp is an HP Pavillion desktop, and didn't come with any installation discs. I did make a set of 3 recovery discs shortly after purchase, but honestly, don't see what help they'd be, as any .exe file of any kind is gonna have the "e" as its opening program regardless...the setting has been made, and that's that. And no, before you ask, I've never set up Windows Backup--the zipped folders end up being thier own nightmare, so--at this point, I'm just thankful I do at least have Restore in effect...if only...

Posted 4 years ago
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You started off with "Long story short", I'd hate to see your long story :)

Anyway you could download a Windows 7 ISO from below and run a repair that way.

Burn image file using this

Instructions here

Posted 4 years ago
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Posted 4 years ago
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WooHoo!! (wipes brow) Whew!--Mission Accomplished!! Jeez, I totally amaze myself at how duhstupid I can be at times--lol :)
First, let me extend thanks to gedstar and ProstheticHead for your posts...I'll definitely be keeping your info and links should anything like this ever happen again, god forbid!
However, ironically, I was able to rectify the issue myself after all (pats self on back). Turns out, after a bit more site-jumping and reading, I learned that System Restore can be accessed independently through the System Recovery Options (F-11 on the kybrd before the windows screen), which I thought I had tried already, but found that I just didn't take the right route. At first, I couldn't seem to access it either, because I had read on and a couple other places that on Win 7, the F8 key is what gets you to the Recovery Options, and well, that just wasn't working. Long story short (for real this time--ha!), it was F11 that got me there, then into System Restore easy as pie...and as a nice bit o' luck, the most recent restore point was just 24 hrs. before all this happened, so I restored, restarted, and all is a done deal and working fine...WooHoo!! I didn't hafta orphan the cat after all--lol, just kidding :D I was holding my breath, but once I saw all my desktop shortcut icons go back to normal, instead of that infernal little "e", and all my system monitoring gadgets came back (which i felt naked without, lol), I knew everything was ok.
So again, thanks guys, but all is well on the home front again. If nothing else, my tale of woe may help somebody else out some day that find themselves in a similar hole, and well, that's what the site and its forums are about after all, right? HTG is a great site, and I'm glad to have found it--I'm sure I'll be back at some point or another to find out stuff. I do love computers, and learning all I can about 'em--I like the format here, and how you can get posts up (long-winded as they may be--ha), and get good, helpful replies quick...righteous! :-)
Thanx again to all!

p.s.--something i wasnt aware of til i did it, and that some of you may want/need to know as well - usually, any changes done with system restore can be undone if you so desire, but such is not the case if you do the restore through either safe mode or the recovery options, or so it says...just an added fyi :)

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