I hope this is on topic for this forum.

I play some classic games, and have been playing N64 lately. I do not like the controller though. I was always a fan of the PS controller, or something more traditional. I am almost positive that an adapter doesn't exist to let me use a PS controller on N64.

This brings me to my question, does anyone know how to go about modding a N64 controller to fit inside a PS controller shell?

I chose a PS Dual Shock controller because:
nothing before has enough buttons

X-Box controller has actual triggers, so I assume that it would be more difficult to do the mod.

Playstation controller seems like a good replacement because:
N64 >----> PS
D-pad -- D-pad
Joystick -- Left analog
Start -- Start
L -- L2
R -- R2
Z -- L1 and/or R1
A -- X and/or O
B -- Square and/or Triangle
Up C -- Up on Right analog
Down C -- Down on Right analog
Right C -- Right on Right analog
Left C -- Left on Right analog

The Gamecube controller would also suffice, with similar layout conversion.

If anyone would know how to do this mod, or has suggestions on something similar.

I have examined the controllers, and while I have not been able to measure it, I think the N64 board may either just fit or just not fit, but YOBO makes a controller with what looks like a smaller board.

Of course, I know nothing about hardware, so I was hoping someone on here would know.

Thanks VERY much in advance for anyone who can help.

Posted 9 years ago