Hello. I am writing because I am just trying to figure something out. In
August of this year, while using a website that appeared to use a form of remote viewing , I noticed when opening Windows Media Player that an icon that looked like a wired phone or a hard drive with a wire coming out of it popped up on my system tray and when I hovered my cursor over it to find out what it was, it instantly disappeared. I have Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I have not been able to reproduce the icon since I've tried. However, I've mainly been using other methods than my own computer to access the internet since August. I've tried using AVG antivirus with the latest updates at the time and found nothing. Tried using a scan by Spybot S & D and that found nothing. Also tried using a keylogger detector and that seemed to deliver a lot of false positives. My best determination from that program was that it was mainly creating a bunch of temporary programs. I would prefer not to have to re-format the computer again and my suspicion is that a keylogger would not expose itself that way. However, using AVG antivirus seems to slow down my computer to a crawl and if there's anything lighter I could use, I'd appreciate it. I'm mainly trying to find out what the icon is. Again, since I can't reproduce it, I can not really get much use out of the logs and am unable to take a screencapture. Does anyone have any idea what this icon could be?

Posted 4 years ago