All hosts (I assume) use MySQL database. It's the foundation of our web sites.

MySQL was purchased by Sun Microsystems

Oracle is purchasing Sun . . .

What happens with MySQL?

MySQL has been Oracles main competitor, do they dump it? Do they remove it from the Open Source Community?

Michael Widenius has a bit of discussion of this on his Blog: Monty Says

* "For those that are worried about the future of OSS software as part of the Oracle / Sun deal, and the affect (both good and bad) it may have on their business, the US Department of Justice is encouraging companies that are dependent on MySQL / Java to contact them and tell them how the deal may affect their business. The more information the department gets, the better equipped they will be in deciding what their recommendation for the deal will be. You can either contact the Department of Justice directly or send an email to me at 'info at askmonty dot org' and I will forward it to those in charge."

And another thing...


is (was) a Sun sponsored product

. . . What happens to it with this buy out?

Posted 7 years ago