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my win7 desktop primary drive size/room problems

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  • Started 4 years ago by trolouce
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ok so i have a gateway FX6860. Its an amazing pc and only have one problem with it... its primary drive. The primary drive is a 64gb SSD and the only "usable" space is 45g and that is reduced by system files and other hidden stuff windows gives you, to the point it almost starts with no room. The 2tb secondary HDD is good for everything but the big problem is all of my drivers and updates are on the primary drive, and every application i get tends to put a bit of data onto my primary drive, now its only got approx 800mb free and i can't download anything or update anything. Now a while ago i decided to see why approx 28gigs is "mysteriously" not there, and i found a hibernate file that is very large and a system recovery partition.

now i need to figure out a few things. I probably need to keep the system recovery partition but can i "move" it from my primary drive to my secondary drive?

originally i was going to keep the hibernate file but i have NEVER used hibernate on this computer(1 year old) or my last computer (had for 3 years) or my laptop (3 years old) and my parents have never used it on any of they're computers or laptops either. do i really need to keep the hibernate file? how do i get rid of it? or, again, is it possible to move it to my secondary drive?

thank you for any and all help...

oh and one more thing. my laptop is now running win8 and i keep my desktop on win7. my desktop hosts a homegroup that my laptop is in, with my win8 laptop its working fine, but on my win7 desktop i cannot access anything on my win8 laptop through the homegroup. is there a fix for this?

Posted 4 years ago
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To disable hibernation and remove that file you can search for "cmd", run as administrator and type:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

And then restart. This will get rid of the hibfile. To re-enable it is with:

powercfg.exe /hibernate on

Posted 4 years ago
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Personally I don't use System Restore, I have it disabled along with Hibernation, I just create regular Images of my hard drive, usually creating an Image once a month after updating apps, windows and running virus scans etc.
Works great for me.
Paging file I moved to a separate Drive as well.

120GB SSD drive and 88GB free space another 2TB drive split into 50GB for Paging File, 30GB for the Image File and the rest for storage.

Time to create an Image approx 30 mins
Time to recover from System crash approx 2 mins

Posted 4 years ago
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Nice calls by gedstar, a few links on the matter:

Disable System Restore (or change the amount of space it uses):

Move pagefile to another disk (I do this a lot):

System Restore is quite useful, but if you have another imaging method you can disable it, specially if all your documents are on another drive so that you won't need to backup them prior to restoring your drive image. Also, using this imaging method, you can safely delete your recovery partition and merge it with your system partition.

Posted 4 years ago

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