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My touch battery dies so quickly,it's not right

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  • Started 5 years ago by Mineola5
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I have my pen itouch 3G, 32GB that is fairly new, ice been using it just a few months-brand new from package & I have tons of space left on it ad I use it basically to check things online using safari,to check email occasionally-the few accounts I was able to add into my touch as it wouldn't allow me to add hotmail or other accounts, and I use Textfree to text for free and hopeful occasionally for directions ABD meow as well as noted SND voice memos occasionally. I don't play games on it, although I have music on it-probably 200 songs which is nothing, I never even get to enjoy listening to music ad I'm scared it will drain the battery and when I'm out sometimes I really rely on the itouch for directions and communication-as I'm disabled ABD have no car.
Anyway, I bought my don this EXACT same itouch 3-4 years ago shortly after it came out ABD he used it dll the time, playing games, listening to music, I think he eventually jaibroke it as all his friends were doing but I NEVER heard him complain if battery life until this last year when I asked why he doesn't use it anymore(it's literally collecting dust) meanwhile I gave a BRAND NEW exact sane one that I didn't even open or use for a few months as i was unsure if I was going to keep it or sell it or gift it and I was in the market for a cheap laptop or a netpad, almost bougt a $99 Sylvsnia Netpad until it was brought to my attention this itouch foes tons MORE so why am I letting it sit sealed in it's box, I nay as well use it (honestly I would have just taken over my sobs itouch since he wasn't using it but he forgot his password and security questions and everything you need to download apps and to this day we can't figure out how to correct that issue.
Anyway, here's my issue- my battery life STINKS-at first I read all about lowering thR level of brightness to extend battery life and turning off any unnecessary things running in the background, like email and notifications, I did all that, I let the itouch battery due fully and charge fully and NO JOKE-Still after a full charge and the screen turned off, but I leave th device on as I read it is better to leave it on then to turn on and off, so I just push top button to make screen black/sleep mode after each use, but even bring fully charged and then putting it near my bed in case I get a text or something-within an hour or so it dies completely SBD that's without it even being used? So you can imagine when I use it, if j respond to am email or stRt looking up info online, it starts dying 20% if battery remaining in less than an hour, this is really annoying me ad I could understand if the device was being used a lot over time but IRS practically new, never dropped in water or in extreme heat ad I've read online. Whst makes MD even more msg is after fully charging for second time today and ive barely used it and now gave to charge it all the time, if I'm home it's plugged into my tv, otherwise it will die within an hour, so now u have to keep it always plugged in except when I'm out and then be careful using it ad if dies quickly, I expected more from this product and not this, I can't even enjoy music and never even tried playing a game yet I just cleaned my sons room SBD came across his itouch which gas not been used or plugged in for at least a month if not two-no exaggeration, I pushed the button and his was ON, how could his be on snd my battery dies within sn hour after a full charge with no use? His is either 3-4 years old, mine ive been usingaybe 3 months or so and this problem I noticed the first few weeks. What should I do? When I bought my find I paid extra for s 15 month warranty covering anything even if he smashed it, but mine was a gift and I tried sending themselves letter the first week I was using it due to another issue and it saidy warranty was expired? How could that be possible, I just got it around October/mybirthday but didn't start using it for 1-2 months and registered it then, could it be defective? How could my sons itouch still be on after 1-2 months of no charge, I used his for about 20 minutes then it says 20%if battery remaining. Does it have anything to do wither switching the default Google to Yahoo? I wonder as my son is still set to Google and i did so because when first registered that week fir the first time in my life, my oldest email account-which I've had probably 15 years or more was hacked and virus spammy emails being sent to anyone I ever emailed and the only different thing I did was allow Google my personal information, look what happened.
Also I currently gave like 28-29 of my 32MB free space available and yes I've downloaded about 20 apps but I only use about ( of them when needed and u skready started deleting those I don't use, but icant figure out how come when I delete an app on the second page, how do j move the few apps on the third page over to thR second page which had mire than enough roomsince I deleted unused apps? Seems ridiculous to have to slide from page one page two page three when everything can fit on first two pages plus have extra room, please help.

Posted 5 years ago
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You should take your iPod to the Apple store and let them take a look at it. Explain that it has never really maintained a charge. See what they have to say.

Posted 5 years ago

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