I created a Word document that has approximately 20 different digital signatures. I want to be able to either 1) email the document to one person, have them digitally sign it, email it back to me, and repeat the process for the next needed signature or 2) put the document on SharePoint and email the link to the users for them to sign it that way.

The problem I've run into with option 1 above is that the document becomes read-only when the person I've emailed the document to opens it and then they can't digitally sign it without first saving the document to their desktop, opening and signing it, saving it back to their desktop and then emailing it back to me. Seems like a very convoluted process.

I haven't tried option 2 yet but think I would have the same problem with the document opening as read-only.

The version of Word used is 2007.

Any help someone can lend would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 4 years ago