I print quite a few web pages using Ctrl-A then Ctrl-P but I find that I waste a lot of paper because I usually just want the first page or two but not usually the added comments fom other people etc.

So, I decided that I would send the prints to MS Onenote and then select from there which pages to actually produce later on.

However I find that Onenote always defaults the same name for the "printed" file.

My question is how do I get Onenote to give each printer file a unique name either some identifier or similar OR is there some other way I can do this.

Imagine that I have found two great websites and when I select File>Print Preview each site has 40 pages of print but I want ust pages 2-3 in the first instance and pages 7-8 in the second. If I send them to Onenote I will be left the 40 pages of the second file, which overwrites the first one I sent to Onenote from which I can select pages 7-8 for actually printing. I actually want to be able to do this numerous times during the day.

Any ideas?

Posted 4 years ago