MS OneNote: does it have an "Insert Comment" feature like MS word?

I have two concerns which seem to me somewhat related:
1. Does OneNote have an "insert Comment" feature like Word? (If not why not?) and
2. Where does OneNote's SideNote go once it's closed? How does one retreive it?

I cannot find an "Insert Comment" feature in OneNote. I find it one of the most useful features in MS Word.

Is OneNote's SideNote feature meant to serve the same function as Word's "Insert Comment"? I do not understand what SideNote's relationship is to OneNote's main Note. When I click on SideNote icon and type something in it and then close it, SideNote effectively 'disappears' for me. I have no idea where SideNote went or how to retreive it.

Thank you for any clarification you may be able to provide.

Posted 7 years ago