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February 24, 2013

"Mozilla Builds an Operating System for a Firefox Smartphone"

Apple and Google are getting a nonprofit competitor, which aims to swamp them by using Web-based technologies that act like smartphone apps.

Mozilla, the nonprofit company that created and maintains the Firefox Web browser, has announced it will release a smartphone operating system around June that handset makers can use to make an inexpensive phone. Mozilla envisions that the phone would be sold in poorer countries with few smartphones, probably for $80 to $100 before subsidies, Mozilla said.

By comparison, an iPhone 5 costs $650 to $850 without a subsidy from a carrier, which usually offers the phone for less but locks the customer into a long-term contract. An Android phone such as the Samsung Galaxy III S costs $600.

“This is the start of what will undoubtedly be a third ecosystem,” after Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, Gary Kovacs, the chief executive of Mozilla, said in an interview before the announcement. “The next 2 billion smartphone users will come from the developing world.”

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Posted 4 years ago