every once in a while, I get stuck. I can move my cursor around on my screen with both mouse and pad, but the buttons don't work. Sometimes they will highlight something, as in when I am trying to log on and I am selecting my name on the start up. The frame changes, but the action won't complete. Sometimes it wont change the frame. I have to to a cold boot to get in. Then, once I am in and the mouse buttons are working, they may stop. Sometimes when this happens I can use task manager to switch to the screen I want, and it will go again. Sometimes the buttons won't work for days unless I cold boot about 10 times. Sometimes they will work for days and days. The only other thing I have noticed lately is that an autoback up failed. I later had tried to go to a previous restore point. but none of them seemed to go. I had deleted some (I thought not all) of them to increase my free space. Also, it one night told me my security settings could not be activated. I am using vista, on an acer aspire. I have blown out the dust using compressed air, cause it felt hot and that was weeks before this started happening. That blowing of the dust really helped, but I don't think it was related due to the many weeks between.

So, why would my mouse move the cursor, but not have the buttons work, on both the mouse and the pad?


Posted 7 years ago