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  • Started 8 years ago by theepictbird
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Hi, i am new to building computers, and just recently put one together. After getting everything hooked up, i went to turn it on and all the fans fired up for about 1 second and then off. The case front panel wiring is confusing as it has two hdd leds wires (one male, one female), one wire that hooks up to the cpu fan for fan control and one that says power, there isnt a reset wire. The mobo has 4 power pins, one set for power led and then one that says power on/off, i have the case power wire placed on the mobo on/off and the front switch does turn the computer on for its one second. I also unplugged all of those case wire and tried to turn it on via the onboard mobo power button and the same thing happens, took out the cpu and ram and still the same thing. I did notice the cpu fan did not fire when plugged directly into the motherboard.
What am i doing wrong, or is the mobo dead, i am a noob

Posted 8 years ago
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The main thing to check is to make sure your cup fan is plugged into the cpu fan pins and not a system fan set (most will not start without a cpu fan). as for the power and other connectors verify the +/- pins on the mobo and make sure you have the appropriate +/- wires attached.

Posted 8 years ago
The Geek
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You should also verify that you've plugged in both of the power connectors to the motherboard... there's usually a 4-pin ATX connector and then a 24-pin connector as well (which is often separated into 20+4)

The CPU fan is very important, like Budo said. If your fan is dead then you might not be able to boot.

I'd advise hooking everything up outside of the case to ensure that you don't have a short somewhere... sometimes screwing the motherboard in too tightly, or slightly off-kilter can cause the wrong part on the motherboard to touch the case, which would also prevent it from working correctly.

Posted 8 years ago

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