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missing pagefile issue

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  • Started 4 years ago by PP3TNC
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not only pagefile.sys was missing in C:

i also see a message about pagefile.sys overwrite had some error or thing like that, and it will turn back the size of pagefile set previously.

what i do current is just set VM to zero, the effect just let pagefile would be zero whenever the message pop

however, the message is still pop occasionally

before this issue, my Pagefile.sys was didn't exist in my PC. i once deleted it but i didn't remember when

Posted 4 years ago
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Don't really understand what you are asking, unless you have tons of RAM and an SSD you need a pagefile, even with both it's still recommended to have a pagefile. Why would you delete it, unless you set it to another drive?

Posted 4 years ago
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there should be a pagefile.sys file in C:, its default position in hard disk. but i couldn't find it

i know it's hidden file and i do the process to show them.

i had deleted the file for long time.

whatever the reason, one day i set the pagefile again in control panel, however, after making the act and restart the PC

a pop-up said " it can't overwrite the pagefile.sys and last setting of the size will be used" it implied like that

as last setting is over 7500MB, i didn't want to had, i set 0 or just no pagefile,

i restart the PC, the message pop again, so it's my issue

as not only the pagefile was missing( i had deleted in a long ago), currently setting still didn't create the file in C:

Posted 4 years ago

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