This is actually less a request for help and more of a "have you had problems like this with your monitor?" - type question.

I got my monitor from Newegg, it had a very high average of customer reveiws and was pretty inexpensive. It's a Hanns-G 19" monitor, model JC-199D (Now listed by Newegg as a "Deactivated Item," either out of stock or permanently taken out of availability-- ).

How many other people have had similar problems as I've had? Either with the same kind of monitor or a different one?

Issue #1 -- the monitor's brightness/contrast handling is absolute garbage. For World of Warcraft much of it is far too dark, and if I turn the brightness up to maximum, then there's problems with 'whiteout' in images with a lot of white/light color -- the dark doesn't stand out against it. I've never had this problem with my old Sony 17" SDM-HS73. I bought the Hanns-G because I decided that it was time for something a little bigger... but bigger as I've learned, doesn't mean better.

Second, Hanns-G's software/driver disk contains no driver. The only software is an outdated version of Adobe reader that is completely incompatible with Windows Vista-- and yet Hanns-G says it's a Vista-compatible monitor and the driver is not supported for any earlier systems including XP.

Hanns-G's website supposedly offers a "driver" download, but that download only gives a small, simple. .inf file that is easily read in Notepad, and attempting to install it via Device Manager's "upgrade driver" option only produces endless popups of "Windows could not find any compatible driver at the specified location."

The .inf file is very short and reads like this:

; HannStar INF File for Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
; Revision Date: Apr 10, 2006





DefaultDestDir= 11


%HSDJC199D%=HSDJC199D.Install,Monitor\HSD07C6 ;JC199D







HSDJC199D="HannStar JC199D LCD monitor"

Can anyone tell, by looking at this .inf file, whether it functions as a driver of any kind? The monitor works fine without any driver, but Windows does not recognize by name and model, only as Generic PnP monitor. Hanns-G's website said "installing" this "driver will allow Windows Vista to recognize the name and model of the monitor, but I have found that Vista does not accept this as a valid "driver" of any kind. I have called Hanns-G's customer service line and found them to be extremely unpleasant, unknowledgeable and unsupportive.

How many other people have had similar problems with their chosen monitor? Does anyone have any feedback, advice, similar-horror-stories, what-have-you, about their monitors?

Posted 8 years ago