I'm intending to migrate my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit from Release candiate (RC) to RTM release, but I've had some problems with Virtual PC and XP Mode installs on the RC so I fear the worst with installing these after the migration.

My problems have been with the RTM version of the files -
The first includes 32-bit and 64-bit installers, and it works. When I run the second, it quits with the message "The upgrade is not applicable to your computer." And, I'm sure that I'm running the 64-bit version.
What I have reverted to, is uninstalling KB958559 (the RTM version is 10,352,728bytes) and XP Mode - then installing the BETA releases of each file (which I had retained). Note that the beta release file for KB958559 is 5,944,612 bytes.

These seem to have installed OK (but as of writing this, I haven't checked if VPC and XP Mode are actually working).

Note that on another install of Win7-64 RC I had the VPC working fine.

My question: has anyone done the migration Win7-64 Ultimate RC to RTM, with the VPC and XP Mode installed on the RC? And does the RTM with VPV/XP Mode work faultlessly?

Posted 7 years ago