Will be getting a new machine this week.

Have Ubuntu on my current machine . . . and currently have it configured the way I want it.

Am looking for a way to migrate what I have (exactly as configured) over to my new machine. Am sure there's a way.

New machine will come with 8.10 preinstalled . . . a Dell Inspiron 15, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD (laptop). I have no idea how it will be partitioned, but I assume it will just be one big 250GB partition, with maybe a small Dell recovery partition, and the usual Dell crapware.

I have two 4GB USB sticks, one with completely free space, the other almost. If I can fit a backup on one of them (any number of Ubuntu utilities for that, from "Clonezilla" to rsync to "P.I.N.G" - "Partimage Is Not Ghost" - to "MondoRescue" and on and on), then I can use that as the transfer vehicle.

I'd like at least to have my OS duplicated, with all of the settings. If the image will also include all the apps I have installed (I have one Ubuntu partition, not a separate for the home directory, so I assume all the apps would be on this partition image as well), that will be an extra bonus.

I know with Windows, simply making copies doesn't make the apps bootable . . . they have to be installed and seated in the registry.

I have my Firefox profile and Thunderbird emails exported to a USB stick, so that part shouldn't be a problem if I have to restore them separately.

As I understand it though, Ubuntu is a little bit different from Windows in that a backup of the OS is bootable (if made with one of the above mentioned titles).

And there's always networking, but I've never set anything like that up between two Ubuntu machines. Of course, I've not used any of those backup titles either.

I remember in the old days doing a migration via IR, but I think that technology has long since gone by the way side . . . besides, neither of my machines (old and new) are equipped with IR (if machines even are anymore).

Then too, can I upload a backup to my website host and then recover it on the new machine?

I'm looking for the most painless way to do this.

Posted 7 years ago