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Message for The Geek

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  • Started 4 years ago by TWorm
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I am writing this to you in this manner because there does not seem to be any other way of contacting the staff at HTG. You can blow this away after you read it.

I was disappointed with your "cavalier" response to the postings that resulted from the article on the First Person Shooter postings.
I have no problem with gaming in general although i feel that FPS games desensitize susceptible subjects to the horror of killing. This does not mean ALL players.
My complaint was regarding the TIMING of the post. And your response showed complete insensitivity. Rather than show sympathy for what was a tragic event, regardless of whether it had a iota of correlation to FPS, was callous. And the response to contact our representatives will not beget any more sensitivity in the HTG administration. I suppose the representative comment was addressed to the anti-gun groups....and do not support them. I do support logical but sensitive thinking and i think you folks missed an opportunity to show your more human side. IMO, the response was what i would expect from an egotistic 18 year old, not a mature head of an enterprise.

I am as geeky a they get, having used computers for over 45 years and built a few things along the way. All my hobbies are technical in nature and i am not always in touch with my feelings. But even though there is no DIRECT relationship between FPS and this horrid tragedy (particularly in this particular case), I cannot condone your thoughtless in your response and humbly suggest that you reflect on it.

Thanks for the Geeky email.


Posted 4 years ago
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Tworm hi. To which thread are you referring ? Please post a link.

Posted 4 years ago
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The Geek has already commented on the post. You can see his comment in the comments section

Posted 4 years ago

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