I know that there are certain services needed in order for Windows Media Player to share, like UPnP, SSDP Discovery, and Windows Media Player Network Sharing Services. But are there other services that need to be running in order for this to work? I'm running Windows 8 64bit and I'm trying to get WMP to show up on my Directv DVR. I have it up and running on my Windows 7 OS. I've checked on dependencies on the mentioned above and found all but one were running. Under the WMP Network Sharing Service, it says that HTTP Services, Windows Search, and Remote Procedure (RPC) are dependencies. But when I went to check the status of these services, I couldn't find HTTP Services in the mix. Checked in drivers folder under system 32 and found the http.sys file in there. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated..

Posted 4 years ago