Hi everyone! My name is Bob Stephens, owner of a small creative computer support service business for small businesses in the Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario area. I use quite a variety of MS Office type programs including MS Outlook Express.

The problem I'm having is in trying to perform a large emailing to a database of prospective Real Estate customers. My customer is a new Realtor who wants to send a letter of introduction and a featured properties sheet to local businesses possessing email addresses. I created the letter and properties sheets in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. When I converted them to a single PDF file to include as a file attachment, the new Realtor who uses AOL couldn't open the PDF file and in his inbox, the attachment showed as a "winmail.dat" file attachment that wouldn't open at all.

I next tried selecting the text and pictures from both original Word and Publisher files and then pasting them into the main body of the email. On my computer, the finished product showed up fine but again, when I emailed a test email to my customer, the images didn't show at all and the text wasn't flowing properly.

I've tried converting the file(s) to TIFF and JPEG formats via Adobe Photoshop, copying and then pasting the pages into MS Outlook but the results are the same - nothing shows in the receiver's inbox.

I've checked the setups in Outlook - the mail format is HTML (default setting), the customer's email address is formatted so Outlook sends the message "best way" rather than as RTF or Plain Text. In one advice column, I read that if the sender's email address isn't included in the receiver's address book, images won't show. As we're going to be sending this email out to hundreds of receivers, none will have my address in their address books.

Any advice or insight that anyone could provide on how to send an email with both images and text to a large number of recipiants would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards.

Bob Stephens.

Posted 9 years ago