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Make browser load all images on page load

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  • Started 4 years ago by spacebar22
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I have IE10, Firefox and Chrome latest versions but on HTG and some other sites,
the images don't load until you scroll to the part of the page that has them (even if
you were at the top of the page for 5 minutes. With larger images it is very
distracting to concentration to scroll down see almost a full screen of white
space then a few seconds later an image appears (I have slow broadband about
4 MBps but even at 12 MBps the problem is still noticeable.

I have not found any extension that helps or even much discussion about it,
so I'm asking here. Is this behaviour something that is being javascript coded into
the web page, or why is it happening? Is there any way to overcome it .


Posted 4 years ago
The Geek
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The site is lazy loading the images, which helps the pages to initially appear much faster when you first browse to them. It also helps save bandwidth, as with all the images that we use, our bandwidth bill is 7-8 terabytes per month... and that's with lazy loading. It used to be a lot more.

We don't (yet) have a way to pre-load all of the images on the page.

Posted 4 years ago
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Thanks, I afterwards figured it was lazy loading. YouTube do it, eBay don't but I had not guessed
the real reason is cost saving.

An approach some sites adopt is to have thumbnails you can click on for a larger view but no
lazy loading.

In dialup days there used to be tools available to preload all links on a page (optionally including
all images on the preloaded page). But now I can't find any such tools or even browsers that
have such a setting. If anyone knows of anything do please post.

Posted 4 years ago

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