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Looking for file manager that maximizes use of target drive space

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  • Started 4 years ago by jmason
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A long, long time ago, I used a simple DOS program called FILL (by Jean Lalonde of Montreal, Canada, circa 1988). If I wanted to copy a large number of files with varying sizes to multiple targets (floppy disks in those days, flash drives nowadays), the program would copy files in queue starting from the biggest to the smallest that could fill each target disk. It used the same technique on the remaining files in queue to fill all the target disks in the series, thereby maximizing use of disk space in each. I wonder if such a feature is available in any of the file managers today.

Posted 4 years ago
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jmason, welcome to HTG.

Much used here is Teracopy;


Posted 4 years ago
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Thanks for the reply, Mike, but I am not aware that Teracopy has such function. I use it every time.

Posted 4 years ago
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I suppose you could use Robocopy but run 2 cmds using
/MAX:n :: MAXimum file size - exclude files bigger than n bytes.
/MIN:n :: MINimum file size - exclude files smaller than n bytes.

Posted 4 years ago
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Veegertx, FILL *automatically* calculated file sizes and maximized use of space of each disk in the series. I will post the original Introduction by its author below for your better appreciation.

I still have the FILL program here with me, but I am unable to execute it under Windows 7 even with compatibility setting. Apparently, the program was very useful for backing up hard disk data to floppy disks, which contained the same disk sizes. In our case today, however, we would need a program that can also work with variable sizes of flash drives to be used during file copying or moving operations. And better, if it can work with multiple folders as well.


Did you ever encountered this situation: you want to carry the files of
a directory from one hard-disk to another. You have to copy the files from
this directory to floppy disk. The directory contains several files, some
big, other smaller, and...

C>COPY *.* A:
Insufficient disk space
1 File(s) copied

You realize that you will have to copy your directory on more than one
floppy. Then, you have two choices. First, copy each file seperately
checking the space remaining on 'A:' and the file's size. Second choice,
you can use a back-up program. The backup program is a good solution but
you will have to carry the restore program with you. With 'Fill', there is a
third solution...

C>FILL *.* A:

'Fill' will copy all your files, filling up each floppy disk. To do
this, 'Fill' will build a list of the files of the directory, sort this list
by size order and then copy the biggest file to the floppy. Second, it
will copy the biggest file that can be copied in the remaining space of the
floppy and so on. When the first floppy will be filled up, 'Fill' will prompt
you for another disk until the directory is completely copied to floppies.

This way, 'Fill' optimizes your floppy disk space, makes the job easy and
keeps your files in their original-executable format. To restore the files
on the destination hard-disk, all you will have to do is copying the files
of each floppy with the simple command...


'Fill' will also allow you to list files (dir), delete or format the
destination floppy without leaving the program. You will never have to
stop because you do not have enough formatted floppies. You can also
change, make, remove directories or label the target floppy.

The only restriction is that the biggest file of your directory must
fit on one floppy (362,496 bytes, 720k or 1.2 meg according to your
configuration). If the biggest file does not fit on a floppy you will have
to use the backup/restore solution or use a "slicing" program to break your
big files into smaller parts. My program 'Cut' does it (CUT.ARC should be
available where you got this program).

Posted 4 years ago
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Another free one is RichCopy

Posted 4 years ago

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