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Looking for a good way to track computer issues

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  • Started 4 years ago by pocketsidewalk
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I'm looking for a good way to track computer issues as well as solutions to those issues.

When I have a problem with my computer, I search the Internet for solutions to that problem. I may come across 10 different websites with 10 different possible answers to my problem. I will typically do some additional research and try to narrow down the set of possible solutions. Next I will try implementing those solutions one-by-one until I find one that fixes the problem. If none of those solutions fixes my problem, then I go back and search for other solutions that I might have overlooked.

When I eventually find a solution that fixes my problem, I stop right there. Problem solved; I'm happy. This is all fine and dandy until the same (or a similar) problem pops up a few years later. I may remember that I experienced a similar issue in the past, but I have trouble remembering which solutions I used to fix the problem and which solutions were a waste of time. I end up having to repeat the entire process all over again to come up with a solution.

What I would like to find a way to keep a journal or log of some sort where I could track issues, symptoms, and solutions. This way if the same problem comes up again on my computer or a family member's computer, I know where to look for the answer.

I realize I could just keep a text document with problems, solutions, links to helpful websites, etc., but I'm hoping to come up with something a little more robust. At work we use an internal forums website and we start a new thread for issues as they arise. I'm wondering if anyone has tried a different approach to tracking personal computer issues. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

p.s.- I'm not sure that I posted this in the correct How-To Geek forum. If it needs to be moved to a more appropriate forum, please let me know.

Posted 4 years ago
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Hi pocketsw ,

Welcome to HTG ,

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking as it seems a little vague, one way of tracking some minor problems is with the Event Manager.
As for remembering exactly what worked for you, only you can decide with which idea is easiest for you to store so many Different types of issues.

HTG is always a good place to come to for problems as the members are very helpful and will try their hardest to understand your problem(s), if however you're looking for some all in one fix anything software...well that just doesn't exist sadly.

Posted 4 years ago
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Can you estimate how many recurring issues that you have had and want to track ??

Posted 4 years ago
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I create text files that contain steps taken to fix issues. I name the file after the problem. I put these all in a directory named "Issues-fixes". I also create a folder in my FF bookmarks where I bookmark those web pages. No matter how smart we are if we trust everything to memory we will eventually forget something.

There is also an add-on for Firefox called Zotero that contains a database of problems and issues (mostly linux) however you can add to that database.

Posted 4 years ago
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Like this ?

Posted 4 years ago

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