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Is there a Actual Facebook tech phone number?

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  • Started 4 years ago by inetmarketing
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God, this is so ridiculous. You try to find a support number for something, and you always come up with sites that try and get you to run a remote access software. No I didn't do it. By listening to the background noise you can here a lot of reps (India or some where) talking to people. Man, how many people fall for this sh*t? And yes someone here told me before to use the chrome extension WOT, which shows all Red for this site.

Theres a chinese based site that spams groups I'm in with a CyberShop. You can tell by all the various posts from fake accounts, lead to onlinesneaker[DOT]info, which whois shows is from china. They also use a common email 126[DOT]com, which I know many fake accounts they create use that email service. They have a captcha reading software, and look for specific Fields and auto fill, and can create thousands of bogus accounts, add links, photos, whatever depending on what the site requires they are targeting.

They sell this software!

It pisses me off to no end. Unfortunately if anyone tries purchasing sneakers, they will ultimately max out your CC account or sell it online.

My goal was to see what Facebook is doing about all these fake accounts and are linking to that site. Damned if I can find a true phone number for Facebook...


PS: these bosos's syaing they are facebook techs called me back, saying they saw a missed call, and asking if I was still having problems with facebook! WTF

Posted 4 years ago
Posts: 4100 Try something here.

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