Hello everyone,

I have been using my curitle mobile phone as a moduem via USB cable in the windows xp. But when I have tried connecting my curitle mobile phone in windows 7, I have found out that windows 7 didn't find any driver for curitle mobile phone Also, I have tried looking for driver in thInternetet, but I couldn't find any. So, I am quite surprised about that when when I have tried connecting my curitle mobile phone via USB in windows xp, thWindowsos ximmediatelylrecognizeded the drivers for this device ( curitle mobile phoneAlsolos I have looked for a drivcompatibleble with windows 7, but I found this:

Name: USB Cable Device Driver and Modem Driver
Manufacturer: Curitel Communications Inc Drivers
Type: Input Device Drivers
Model: Curitel Communications Inc Input Device Drivers
Support Devices:
Audiovox Com Port, Audiovox Usb Modem, Audiovox Usb Phone, Audiovox WDM, Bluetooth dongle, Card Reader, LG COM Port, LG Usb Modem, LG Usb Phone, LG WDM, MOTOROLA CDMA modem,
OS: Win 95A, Win 95B, Win 98, Win 98SE, Win ME, Win NT 4.0, Win 2K, Win XP, Win Server 2K3
Size: 5.79 MB
Download: 337
Updated Time: Dec 14, 2011

I would quite highly appreciated it if you could help me with this.

Posted 4 years ago