Hello community. My boss just had one of the worst tech support experiences with Apple.

For some time now on his iPhone he keeps getting a continuous prompt for Voice-mail password and he cannot get rid of it. It is very annoying. At first he contacted ATT but they passed the buck over to Apple.

Anyways he called them and explained to them that when this first occurred he went to the Apple store and one of the "Genius" told him to create a new password for his apple ID or perhaps it was get a new Apple ID and password and that would resolve the problem.

Regardless of how it was done he followed their instructions. At first it cleared things up but only for a short while and it came back and never went away. Basically today on the phone they said it was his fault for doing those steps and they made him look like an idiot.

He yelled at them saying they were idiots. I don't understand how one of the most valuable and recognizable companies can treat a customer this way when all he is asking is some simple help in regards to this issue.

So now I turn to the community for help. Has anyone come across this continual password prompt and if so were you able to fix it?

Thank you

Posted 4 years ago