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iPad - no audio (suddenly) & iOS update advice?

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  • Started 5 years ago by DejaVu
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My iPad suddenly lost all audio, even keyboard clicks. Checked settings, checked: dble+click+home, where brightness and rotation settings are, and outside button. Started the DAY after buying/using Speaker Dock (NOT wireless; plug in speaker jack to headphone input) ~ seems too coincidental. s.

Second, I'm getting messages to update my iOS. I've been told/read/heard it takes hours, people lose apps and saved docs during back-up, and other stuff I *truly* would love to avoid. Last, the Mac I would need to connect in order to update is my SONS - would this mean he would have a folder with all my info in it?

- never "updated" or connected to his Mac except single time when we bought it & he is much more Mac savvy than us (but also no help ...heard "sure I'll do it - later" for 2 months.

Only iPad problems so far, ALWAYS turned out to be something stupid with a quick fix (from here, often:) ..but have found no similar threads this time.

Any advice, suggestions, warnings, ANYTHING very greatly appreciated!!

Version 4.3.2, model #Mb292ll - No idea what "generation"(?), but bought it RIGHT BEFORE iPad w/ camera was released, if that helps :(


Posted 5 years ago
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Hi DejaVu,

Have you tried resetting the device? Hold the upper button until the slider appears on the screen to shut it down. After a minute or so, hold the upper button down until the apple appears and wait for it to boot up. This may clear whatever the dock device screwed up on your iPad.

I hope this helps.

Posted 5 years ago
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On the side where the VOLUME control rocker switch is a slider. That is the MUTE slider, maybe that was turned on?

Irv S.

Posted 5 years ago
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Have you tried connecting it to the speaker dock again? Do you get any sound from the dock?

Posted 5 years ago
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Enthusiast, ispalten & hatryst,

Sorry for late reply ~ life (and a teenager) ~ intervened.

Thank you for the suggestions, but yes, I tried them all MULTIPLE times and still have same problem. Switched mute and lock rotation back and forth, did hard reset, ...even did vacuum trick some people had luck with & nothing.

I get full sound when dock is plugged in, and with a flashlight and frustrating contortions, I can see the little metal (?) pins (?), which I tried cleaning with a toothpick wrapped in a coffee filter ('s driving me nuts having to cart speaker dock around).

The ABILITY to produce sound is there: after full/hard reset, i get the 'slide to power on' click. That's it.

I'm going to update my OS, so that remains a dim possibility.

Honestly, I think my sound is just done for. much so that I think a heads up to be careful choosing/using these dock stands is necessary ~ not only is there a ton of folks online, I came across TWO real-life "me too!"'s while b***ng at work. Hopefully there's a fix we're all missing, but....?

In case anyone's interested, the dock that ended my iPad audio was the iHome from walmart. The two others I found also bought their docks from Walmart, & I *believe* it's same model, combo speaker & stand.

Before iHome sues me, I DON'T KNOW IF FAULT WAS DOCK! ...only that I had sound, tried my new dock out, then never had it again.

Posted 5 years ago

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