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internet security

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  • Started 4 years ago by lbbasketnut
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my norton is expiring in 6 days and would like to know which is the best for internet security to purchase or for free.

Posted 4 years ago
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The $64,000 question!

What is best is what works for you. If Norton has done you proud then consider a renewal. Some members here swear by it BTW.

Personally have not had a paid for AV for 8 years having been through ISP free Kaspersky and the old free AVG, now both bloated and resource hogging.

I now use Microsoft Security Essentials (which is free) on my and client machines without issues;

Posted 4 years ago
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I have been using this for years without any issues, has served me very well so far, you could go with Microsoft Security Essentials and just install Comodo Firewall if you want.

As I said I've been using the full product without any issue for years and it's completely free.

Posted 4 years ago
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My vote goes for the Free MSE mentioned by Vistamike above which I also have on all but one of my computers. I recommend and install it for most of my clients as well. I have not paid for antivirus since 1997. I also have Avast free on one of my 8 computers purely for supporting a lot of folks who like it and have questions about it.

Posted 4 years ago
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Unless you are 'technically capable' I'd say DO NOT SWITCH and pay Symantec or scour the web for a better price (like NEWEGG with a 70% off expiring soon) that the renewal fee. Some A/V products can be a bear to fully remove from a system, and when doing so, can damage parts of the OS they linked into, such as the TCP/IP stack.

Otherwise, do your homework, check reviews. Be careful of where though, many on the web are not really 'objective' but are supporting specific ones and the sole purpose is to make those look better.

Places to look for reviews, on-line magazines, web sites that are not affiliated with an A/V producer.

A few such as :,00.asp

There are more, and some are not only for FEE based products.

One thing you should be aware of about MSE, it has at one point lost its certification, look HERE.

The print issue of the same magazine for April 2013 (which is not on-line) has an article called 'AV Battle' on the cover and titled "Your Antivirus, Tested" and lists/reviews both FEE and FREE products. MSE is included. It got a 6 rating (10 highest), the LOWEST of the 10 tested. The last line, "MSE passes muster for low-risk users, but there are better AV solutions." I'd assume low-risk means people that don't surf and d/l stuff and are careful on e-mails they open. They did test 2 other FREE ones, AVAST V7 (8 rating) and AVG Free 2013 (7 rating) as well and are a better free choice according to them.

Irv S.

Posted 4 years ago

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