Hey Techies,

I am having a huge issue at home with my internet connection. I have 2 computers in my house. 1 downstairs in the computer room (Windows XP, sp2, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD). This computer is connection to my Comcast modem which is connected to the Linksys router (Wireless-B, BEFW11S4, 2.5Ghz,).
The other computer is upstairs in my room (Windows Vista Home Basic, 2.5GB RAM, 1TB HD). I cannot connect wirelessly on this computer at all.
Friday is when the problem began all of a sudden and I could no longer connect. I proceeded to go downstairs and restart the router like I always do when this problem occurs. However restarting my router did not work as usual. So....now I'm pissed because I don't know what to do at this moment. Now I am out of ideas so I reset my Comcast modem, I mean I unplug everything downstairs including the router. When I turn everything back on I see my SSID from my computer upstairs, but I see about 3 of them like this;

Zoom 2
Zoom 2 3

I try to connect to any of them and windows gives me "windows cannot connect to zoom".
I then go downstairs and still cannot connect with the computer downstairs.
Now I try to connect locally by connecting my computer downstairs directly into the modem and WOW... I have my google homepage!
However, that seems to be the only way I can get access to the internet but I need to get it upstairs also.
Now when I include the router and the modem into the mix I can go in and configure the router settings and everything ( ???). So I go and rename the SSID and see it on my computer upstairs but when I connect now it says "local only"!!....WTF is going on...I never had a problem like this before...

Pheeeew!!!!!....Please anyone...Help Me Please!!!!
(Sorry for the story)...


Posted 8 years ago