I decided to look deeper into the Windows 7 beta and found some interesting things.
Though they may only be interesting because I'm a geek but I figured I would still share them.
I will update this topic with new information should I find out anymore which I'm quite sure I will.

1) There are some new Known Folders:
* Real folders inside the C:\Users\[User Name] directory:
AppData\Local\Ringtones - I would assume this has something to do with storing Ringtones for Cell Phones. My best guess it Device Stage allows ringtones to be downloaded/uploaded to a phone and thus needs this directory

AppData\Local\UserProgramFiles - This is probably to allow software to install per-user instead of per-machine thus allowing software installs to the user's profile when they are the only ones using the software. This is good because it will allow installs with any need for prompts from UAC and it will allow software to be installed that will not affect any other user on the computer. Thus one user can install Mozilla Firefox to their profile and another can install Opera, etc. though of course the installers for each program will need to be updated.
Very little changes will be needed for Google Chrome though as it already installs to AppData\Local\Google\Program in Windows Vista so it will be a simple one line change for Google Chrome. This also helps the people who were unhappy that Chrome installed to the wrong location (AppData\Local should only be used for configuration not software) but when there is no correct location for that purpose in Windows Vista was really no other option available.

AppData\Roaming\Quick Launch\User Pinned - This directory stores the shortcuts the user has pinned to their taskbar.
AppData\Roaming\Quick Launch\User Pinned\ImplicitAppShortcuts - This directory does the same as above only I think it's for Windows to automatically pin things like Help and Support when they are relevent to an open program and then remove them when that program is closed.

* Virtual Folders in the [User Name] special folder
Library SuggestedLocations - Must have something to do with suggesting places to go in Windows Explorer.
Library Documents - By default combines the Documents folder in C:\Users\[User Name] and the Documents folder in C:\Users\Public. To tell them apart Windows Explorer lists each as "My Documents" and "Public Documents" under the "Documents" header. At first I was worried when I first saw that the "My" prefix came back but then I relized how silly and confusing a folder named "Documents" that appeared under a Library named "Documents" would be.
Library Music, Pictures and Videos - The same as Documents library only for there respective purposes.

* Real folders in the root of the C:\ drive
C:\ProgramData\CommonRingTones - The public folder to the per-user ringtones directory listed above.
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceMetaDataStore - I would assume this directory has something to do with storing Device Stage hardware information files.

2) In folder options there are the following new options:
* Show All Folders
This option returns the folder list to the Windows Vista style of showing all folders like Computer, Network, Recycle Bin and the Contents of the desktop.
This option is turned off by default and when it's off only Libraries, Homegroup, Computer and Network are shown with each seperated by a certain amount of space.

* Automatically expand to the current folder
This option returns to the the behavior of Windows Vista when the folder list is automatically expanded by default.
It is turned off by default to save time as expanding the list takes time due to getting a list of the folders from the file system and displaying them which you don't always want or need.

* Hide empty drives in the Computer
This option hides drives from the special Computer folder when they are empty.
I can see this being really useful for people like me who have a card reader for many different card types which puts 4 drives in the Computer Window. If you only use 1 slot most of the time the rest just waste space.
This option is turned on by default

3) Inconsistant things in the User Interface.
* Favorites in Windows Explorer are stored in C:\Users\[UserName]\Links while Internet Explorer Bookmarks are stored in C:\Users\[UserName]\Favorites.
I could see some people getting really confused by that.
* The file C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe still exists to show gadgets sanes the Sidebar so any gadgets set to always be one top will always sit obove other Windows instead of docked beside them.
As someone who docked gadgets in Windows Vista, this confuses me.
And from looking at the Microsoft TechNet Forums Topic: Getting the Vista behaviour for gadgets back again?, I'm not the only one wondering why Microsoft did this.

Posted 8 years ago