This forum is for members that have surplus computer items to get rid of, or are looking for parts. Please prefix your post with, Wanted, For sale, Exchange, or Free.
And to make life easier for us, please put a throwaway email address in your profile.
Any first time posters will be instantly blocked.
Anyone found using this for commercial benefit will be blocked.

Obviously we have to have limitations and strict rules to abide by to protect all members.
A summation so far:

* The forum is strictly computer / electronic focused (no food, clothing, pets etc)
* The sale / swap is within the same country (unless agreed by both parties regarding postage)
* The items are described in an honest way (as new, fair, WORKING)
* NB; we will monitor and mod this as best we can to prevent spoil / spam etc

Now to the nitty gritty (payments / delivery)

* Payments by bank credit transfer unless otherwise agreed by both parties
* Prompt feedback with the transaction

Lighthouse and vistamike are willing to exchange email addresses on your behalf. Just click on 'Moderator' under our username (where our email address is found) and we will do the rest to put you in direct contact with the Seller, Buyer

** Spamming is a scourge. Spam will be wiped asap. All spammers will be reported here:

Posted 5 years ago