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Installing XP as 2nd OS with Vista (SP-1 problem)

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  • Started 9 years ago by Al
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A friend was installing XP as a second OS with previously installed Vista on his laptop. During the process of installing XP, it asked for the disk with SP1. He did not have an SP1 disk or an original Vista install disk. His computer is not usable because it comes up in a half installed XP and Vista is not available.

Pressing F8 while booting to pick an OS only showes XP. He tried to download the SP1 file on another computer from MS and other sites which redirected him to MS. The SP1 file seems to not be down loadable. MS gives you a small file, which, I assume, when you run it, it goes up and gets SP1 and installs on that computer. Since he needs to install it on his laptop and does not have the use of the laptop to get on the internet the file is usless....

Does anyone out there know how to download the SP1 file and put it on a CD, so he can finish the installation process???

And also, do you think that he would need SP2 to finish this process???

And how do you make a boot CD from Vista??

I have a copy of SP2 for Win XP Pro, is this compatible with XP Home??

Thanks, Al the helper

Posted 9 years ago
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What were you using to install XP? A copy of XP Home with no service packs? Were there any error messages that appeared when it asked for the disc? What does the screen say when XP attempts to load?

SP1 is no longer being supported which probably explains why you can't download it. You can probably use SP2 instead. You can download SP2 here:
(Ignore the fact that it says it's for developers. That's the full SP2 instead of the one that downloads through Microsoft Update). You can create a custom XP install disc that includes SP2 using NLite. There are various guides all over the internet, such as:

I'm not sure if you can make a true Vista boot cd. Manufacturers like HP and Dell allow you to make a Vista recovery disc (or purchase one directly from them). But you need to be able to get into Vista to do that.

Posted 9 years ago
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Thanks nrv1013
Yes a copy of XP Home without service packs. No error messages. Message said to put the disk with SP-1 in the cd player. Message was miss read at first and the XP disk was put back in. Looked like the installation was starting again but then the computer froze.

He has ordered a copy of SP2 and will try that when it arrives. Will let you know how it turns out. He has a Sony Viao laptop.

Also I will be trying to install a dual boot on my new Gateway that came with Vista installed and no boot disk, except an update disk. I will be using XP pro and have SP2. I cannot get some of the drivers to install under Vista. Mainly my scanner and have a lot of network problems.

Thanks for the input, Al

Posted 9 years ago

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