Hey all,

I got a copy of Kaleyway and when attempting to boot from CD to get OS X running on my PC, i run across a problem. I was wondering if anyone else who's done this can lend me a hand.

I boot as normal until I get to the Leopard install disk screen. That is, I put in the CD, get it to boot, and command line does its thing, with the only odd thing i see is this prompt right here:

"root filesystem is read only; skipping kernel link data generation"

Nevertheless, it boots into the Leopard install screen. I choose English and continue. At this point my keyboard is disabled.

When it says where I would like to install the drive, it can't find my hard drive. The hard drive is there, obviously, its an internal NFTS runnning 7. What am I doing wrong? How do i get my hard drive to show up? Do i have to set up a partion? I don't really want to because I want to install Leopard right on the main hard drive as I already have everything I need backed up. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted 7 years ago