HI there, Thank you in advance if anyone has any ideas on how to solve this problem that's been driving me "crazy" for 2 days now!

Windows 7, 32 Bit OS Dell Mini-HP 210-2145DX Laptop

I was custominzing my Favorites Bar Specifically in Internet Explorer 9 and changed the attributes to hidden/read-only and un-archived, withoutknowing what kind of impact these would have like a "fool"! Anyhow, now there are some tabs missing all together and some are still titled but when I go to open them they say "empty". Is there ANYTHING I can do to get them back to how they were?

I ran a system restore and that did not work even though I restored it to before I changed the files! It just kept them the same! I did not have them backed up anywhere either...

I read that I could changed the properties back to their original state but this didnt work either! Now I have just tried replacing the missing or hidden tabs and the new files are showing up like this for example... How to Geek (2) as if it's a duplicate!

If anyone could help, I would be sooooo grateful! I have tried as many suggestions as I could google with NO LUCK! Thank YOu!!!

Posted 4 years ago