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i want to install a used hard drive

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  • Started 9 years ago by pumpkinman
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i had a friend give me a hard drive that was fairly new but i know he had some things on it its a large hard drive ..he payed alot for it his pc got stolen and reurned in he gave the HD to i want to install it into my desk top which is a dell 2400 xp ,,series 568 mb of ram would i go about erasing whats on it and making it work with my pc and xp do i install it properly? ive been told thers a switch on hard drive to switch between but i really cant fint it im good at fixing these pcs but just learing the guts of it i enjoy how does a second HD work and what are the benifits of having it.. thanks alot have a good i fix crashes and virusus ..not guts of machine but want to learn to

Posted 9 years ago
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If you're using PATA (wide cable) and you plan to put the new drive in the same cable with your old one, you need to set the old one as 'master' and the new one as 'slave' you can find a couple of jumpers on your haddisk to set the master and slave.

If you plan to put your new drive within the same cable with your cdrom, then set it as master, and the cdrom as slave.

If you're using SATA (slim cable), just get a new cable and plug it in.

The next step is, go to the bios setup and have your computer recognise the new harddisk.

Open Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management and choose 'disk management' you can erase your new drive and optionally assign a different drive letter of your choice.

Hope this helps

Posted 9 years ago
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The "SWITCH" that you're looking for are the little retcangular plastic boxes called "jumpers" you'll usually find on the back of the hard drive. The pins typically look like this (:::::) There should be a diagram on the sticker of the hard drive designating which location to put the jumper on to make it MASTER, SLAVE, or CS. Set the jumpers to SLAVE and attach the new hard drive to the same cable that is plugged into your old hard drive.

After you get your hard drive plugged in and screwed in.

>>>POWER UP the computer
>>>PUSH the DELETE or F2 key. This will get you into your Bios.
>>>Check the to make sure that the bios is recognizing your new drive.
>>>EXIT BIOS saving changes.
>>>LET COMPUTER BOOT. Your extra hard drive will show up under "MY COMPUTER" as a D: drive.
>>>RIGHT click on the drive, and click FORMAT. Just leave the default options.

Posted 9 years ago

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