After a series of changes in major, and realizing that maybe that computer science and mathematics are not something I may be absolutely cut out for (the hardware aspect of CS, not so much, and I don't prospect averaging above a 3.00), I have always considered majoring in web development. So far, I enjoy programming. I should be in my last semester of undergrad, but I have been set so far back due to laziness and confusion with what I wanted to do. At this point, I think web development/design is something I genuinely want to do, not just the programming aspect.

So my question to you fellow, more experienced geeks is: where do I start? I am taking courses immediately next semester. Another query is this: the university has an online program for the web development. Is the fact that it is an online degree program going to lower the intuitiveness and integrity of learning the fundamentals of the path of a programmer?

Discuss, and your 2-bits are once again appreciated.

Posted 4 years ago