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(Solved) - I hit the "s" button and my computer goes into Standby

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  • Started 9 years ago by veronica
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when i hit the 's ' button my computer goes into standby mode, and shut off, I have to copy and paste the s it shut off again. I keep forgetting not to touch it.
pleae help. I have window xp


Posted 9 years ago
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Hello, First off Im pretty sure one of your friends or someone if playing a trick on you. =] Try this the easy way first.

1. Go to Start
2. Got to Control Panel
4. On the left hand side, click "Switch to Classic View"
5. Go to Power Options
6. If needed go to the Power Schemes tab
7. Go to the pull down menu under Power Schemes
8. Switch to something else other than your current setting. Your choice.
9. Click Apply
10. Hit the "S" hey and hope that it worked.
11. If computer goes to standby curse and punch something.

This is to see if someone did change your settings to when you hit the S key it tells the computer to go to sleep. If it fixed it then you can keep you settings or go and change it. I honestly forgotten how to change it now, but someone who know how to will come along. If not I'll try to figure it out.

Hope it helps. Peace- SC

Posted 9 years ago
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Yes it worked, it worked!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!
Now to figure out, who played a trick on me....;)

Posted 9 years ago
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Awesome! Not a problem! Payback will be sweet found this about 5 min looking on how to change the commands to Payback: sooomething like this maybe?

1. Right click on any icon on the desktop (one they use of course)

2. Go to properties

3. In the "Shorcut Tab" Erase whats in the "Target box" (if you cant do it choose a different icon)

4. Type in this

shutdown -s -t 0

5. Click apply

Thats a zero at the end
You'll know it works when a black box pops up. Then just wait. I tried it on an XP, and it worked, dont know about vista cause thats what im using to type this, and being layzy I dont want to shutdown and re-start, go through my own computer problems... yada yada yada...anywho, Have fun ;]

Posted 9 years ago

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