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I cannot print from the internet or PDF

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  • Started 4 years ago by KatieB
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I use a laptop, HP something or other. Windows 7 OS. I print things on my husband's printer. I don't know how--it just magically sends the info over and my pages come out in his printer. I guess through the router or something.

Anyway, first I became unable to print any PDF file. I thought maybe the problem was Adobe so I downloaded an alternate reader and I still couldn't print. I tried switching browsers, nothing. I can still print from a Word document just fine--there is nothing wrong with the connection.

Now, I can't print from the internet at all. I can still print a Word document. I have run diagnostics on the printer set up and connection and it never detects any problems. I have gone to the Adobe sight and tried all their troubleshooting. Nothing.

Why would I be able to print Word documents but not anything from the internet?

Posted 4 years ago
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Assuming you are using Internet Explorer what printer is selected in the print window when you choose Tools->Print or CTRL + P?

Posted 4 years ago
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Posted 4 years ago
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Xhi, there is only one printer choice on my computer and I have checked that it is the right one just in case it has switched to something else I don't know about. It's weird that nothing is detected in any diagnostics or anything. I can't figure out why I can print a word document just fine but nothing from the internet or PDF! I'll try one again just to make sure that the correct printer still comes up...just a sec....
Ok, you were right about the regular web pages! Even though I had deleted all other printer choices from my computer and set the correct default, they were still popping up when I wanted to print something online!
So, we're still back to the original problem of not being able to print PDFs. Even with the right printer choice (I checked again) it won't print any PDF ever. At least we've narrowed it down! Thanks!
I don't know if it's an Adobe problem because I switched readers (Foxit) and it still didn't print. Nor did switching browsers work. My computer just hates PDF files I guess. (As do I.)

Posted 4 years ago
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I recently encountered a problem when trying to print some PDFs (not all). I found a way to fix it. I need to ask you some questions to tell whether or not my fix will work for you.

1) Are you trying to print PDF straight from the Internet or from PDF files saved to your computer? Or both?

2) How large is the PDF (one page, ten pages, 100 or more pages)?

3) Are pictures and images included in the PDF, or is it all text?

Your answers to these questions will provide information to try one or more things to help you print PDF files. If you prefer to attempt your own troubleshooting, there is a good article from Adobe for troubleshooting. This is the one I used to fix my problem. ( I had problems making this clickable. Copy/paste the url into your address bar in your browser to use it.

Select the sections that apply to you.
Because you can print Word documents, I think you can ignore the drivers section for now.
When attempting the print as image instructions in the article, limit your test to one or two pages. Images are much larger than text. You stand a chance of overwhelming the printer memory if you attempt more pages as images. This will result in a failure to print which will give you a false indication of the problem.
If you are trying to print large PDF documents, there may be an issue with printer memory available. I can help troubleshoot that. It will take a couple of question and answer posts to follow up on that.

Please reply with questions, success, or failure details.article from Adobearticle form Adobearticle

Posted 4 years ago

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