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I accidenally deleted the IE.EXE app on task Processer pc wont load at all help?

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  • Started 7 years ago by bitesizebia
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I have and acer, and I just recently put windows 7 Ultimate and I'm not sure HOW but I accidenally deleted the IE.EXE app on Windows task manager by going to what was the processer tab, I believe..I'm not sure if that was it exactly..I wasnt paying attention..T_T Then entire main screen went blank with the exception of the background, but all of the icons and start menu ect disappeared. And now my computer wont start up right... So I tried to reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate and formatted my computer and it installed it for the most part but after I rebooted it again it still wont load anything and now I cant even get on to the user screen because right before it loads the user sign on screen it says "Windows could not complete installation. To install Windows on the computer." basically I tried to Install it again, but now it wont even let me do that! I don't know what to do, I need help!!!! If anyone has any IDEA of HOW to FIX WHATEVER I did...please help? Im really not sure how to fix it...

Posted 7 years ago
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If your computer is unable to boot or you wish to restore the BIOS back to bootable settings and your computer uses an ACER BIOS, press and hold the F10 key as you turn on the computer. While continuing to hold the F10 key, you should hear two beeps indicating that the settings have been restored.
Then set the boot sequence to boot from DVD and then choose new install.
If you can't get that far and it continues to say that the previous install not complete then you will have to format the hard drive. You will have to either place the hard drive in a usb enclosure or use a sata drive adapter to format the hard drive with other computer. Then you will be able to reinstall your OS.

Posted 7 years ago
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What you described, the desktop closing, is usually the result off ending EXPLORER.EXE via Task Manager. All you have left is your wallpaper and the Task Manager open. About all you can do is from the FILE menu is add it back or re-boot which should also bring you back.

Trying to re-install and having that fail after you formatting and it not installing is a problem that to be solved needs more info such as what the full error message was and at what point in the install did it happen? You said you tried another install but "but now it wont even let me do that!"? What happened, what was the indication and error message?

I'd try another one and make sure you FORMAT the drive first.

Irv S.

Posted 7 years ago

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