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How To Remove Spyware/Malware That Allows Clicks To Be Heard

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  • Started 4 years ago by sk8r
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Has anyone ever heard of malware/spyware that allows the legitimate user to hear the clicking sound similar to clicking a mouse when the legitimate user is not clicking? When using my computer I hear clicking sounds at (seemingly) random times. This has been going on for several months now and it appears there is no specific timing to it but I have the distinct feeling that my actions or other things are being monitored from a remote location. The actual clicks happen once or twice each time I'm using the computer and I am often on the computer several hours daily at various times of day/night.

I do have CrossLoop installed for remote access by a rather unsavory client that is very rarely used but I'd also imagine (hopefully correctly) they wouldn't be able to use that route without a code on my end. If they or anyone really wanted access I would imagine the entry would come from elsewhere. To log into their system and perform work, I have to log into a website that shows as an untrusted connection with no verifiable identity/certificate error, navigation blocked.

In fact, even though their only location is in Virginia the IP address that I must go to to log in to perform work, shows as Witchita, KS. It would not surprise me that they are spoofing their IP address as they are in the telesales business and always spoof every call. Possibly by logging in to that site to work using Windows Explorer (I prefer Firefox, they don't care) I made myself open to issues such as this?

So where can I find the program/file? I would like to know if there is any way I can find this program and remove it manually. I think that I only know enough about computers to cause myself more grief than not if I attempt this alone and can only wish I had the title of geek. Anyone willing and able to help me?

Posted 4 years ago
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sk8r hi, The first thing I would try is disconnecting the internet connection. Just click on the internet access icon in you taskbar and disconnect.
See if the clicking goes away, if not then you might have a bad connection to your speaker/ s .

Posted 4 years ago

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