I've looked and looked and cannot find this topic in HowToGeek.com.

I recorded some family singing onto a Tascam PR-10 digital micro recorder but cannot get it down loaded into my Windows media player. It shows the PR-10 on the left side of the Media Player menu, but when I click on it to open, there is nothing there.

Also I also cannot find anything in The How to Geek archives now! Before I could click on Windows 7, or miscellaneous, or Vista, or etc.... , and I would be taken to pages and pages of things on that subject to look through. Now I cannot find anything!! When I clicked on Windows 7 I get pages and pages of stuff that's in no kind of order, alphabetical or otherwise, to look for solutions to my problem. The search bar doesn't bring anything up with any resemblance of what I'm searching for either. Can anybody tell me how to find the "How to" section or the "miscellaneous" now? Or can anyone tell me how to find things now? Thanks for your time and response.

Posted 4 years ago