Hi all. Was trying Win 8 out, have since reinstalled XP 'cause I couldn't figure out how to put my email client in the green tile on the start page. I know how to "pin " it to the start page. Had it's own tile, but not in the green tile mark Mail. Tried to drag the tile to the Mail tile, but just moved the green mail tile to some other place. I know I can forget the start page and go to the desktop with a click, but I like the idea of using the tiles instead of icons. Something different this time, looks nice. If I can't put a program in a tile then what's the reason for those tiles marked Mail, Explorer etc. Why have all your programs in a square tile the same color ( that you picked in the beginning ). Any help ? Maybe then I'll go back and try 8 again . Thanks for any help.

Posted 5 years ago