Hi I have never posted before,Please forgive my ignorance if im posting in the wrong place and advise what section I should be posting in.
Ok here goes to cut a very long story short I some how managed to transfer all my Mobile phone contacts into Windows Live Messenger, that was 3 yrs ago.
Not a problem I thought, I had changed phones Ericsson to LG, I didn't/couldn't get them from one PC Suite to the other PC Suite but I had them in messenger.
Now messenger is going to Skype I need to get them back, I tried to copy/paste and it wont do it. I looked on my laptop and I have them but they are in various types of files dbk and ids and idk compressed in Win-Rar, all over my laptop copied many many times in different folders its just a mess, its where I tried so many times.
I just need to get my contacts with there phone numbers back,from Windows Live Messenger I want to put them on a word document.I have windows xp professional.
I know it must sound pretty pathetic but its over 150 contacts that I really do need.Plumbers builders electricians its taken me years to get the contacts, Tradesman that are really great . Please Please Help

Posted 4 years ago