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(Solved) - How to ask for help

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  • Started 5 years ago by ian2
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It seems that some people come to this site and do not know how to ask
for a solution to their problem.
If you look for posts with no responses ,
it is usually because the question the poster has is hard to understand.
Meaning they do not give enough info for one to give a reasonable response.

I would think having a sticky for new members with some guidelines for questions may be a good idea.

This is just based on my browsing of the site for 1 post threads.
Just my two cents but I do know that if one does not ask the correct question
you never get an accurate answer.

I would guess that some may not come back just because no one responded.
Yet it was only because that ,in their frustration they did not give us enough info
about their problem.

Posted 5 years ago
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So what you saying ian2 ?

LOL. Just kidding, I know what you mean BUT how many of those people would read it before posting ?

Posted 5 years ago
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Ian we did have a sticky on that subject a while ago, but it was pretty much ignored and thus unstickied.

Accepted Answer · Posted 5 years ago
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Good idea, but hopeless. You have to deal with the clientèle we have as is.

Posted 5 years ago
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Yes I know we used to have a sticky and I have seen it fail on to many sites.
I only brought it up because of my frustration with family members,
They ask me how to do things on the computer repeatedly even though
I have showed them how and written instructions on paper for them.

I do understand that if one is in a panic they hit google and end up
on some site ,then expect an immediate answer to an obscure question
that is human nature.

So then I will chalk this up to me and myself looking to troll my way to 500 posts, ;)

thats a joke for those of you that do not know me..

Happy New Year all: marked as solved .

Posted 5 years ago

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